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Gary McWilliams, Wanderlusting, A Collection of Travel Stories

A Collection of Travel Stories

by Gary McWilliams

ISBN number: 978-0-578-07507-5
LCCN: 2011924970

Wanderlusting is one man's story, alternately funny and hair-raising, about his travels after he dropped out of graduate school in the 1970s. Gary McWilliams chose a working man's life, and worked side by side with an international cast of miners, sailors, and fishermen, crossing paths too with missionaries, smugglers, and revolutionaries. His unusual adventures will keep you turning the pages.

Mosquito Coast, Honduras... Lake Baikal, Russia... Rocky Pass, Alaska... Amazon River, Peru... Bonaire, Dutch Antilles... Silverton, Colorado... Sierra Madre Mountains, Mexico... Wrangell, Alaska... Pacific Coast, Washington... Orinoco River, Venezuela... Ussuri Siberian Tiger Preserve, Russia... More

This book was first published under the title:
Hot Coffee and Other Wild Goose Tales

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