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Travel / Adventure / Nonfiction
Gary McWilliams, Wanderlusting, A Collection of Travel Stories

A Collection of Travel Stories

by Gary McWilliams

ISBN number: 978-0-578-07507-5
LCCN: 2011924970

This book was first published under the title:
Hot Coffee and other Wild Goose Tales

Wanderlusting used to be Hot Coffee and Other Wild Goose Tales. The title was changed because of some major problems that developed with Hot Coffee...

Hot Coffee, previous edition

Some are obvious and perhaps should have been anticipated before I originally named the book. Readers understand the name Hot Coffee after they buy the book and read the feature story: "Hot Coffee." But before they read that story, when the book is just sitting on a shelf in a bookstore, the name confuses: is it about coffee? Another problem is that when one searches on Google for Hot Coffee… a great many things come up, mostly about coffee of course, prior to the book. These items include—strangely enough—an animated porn site.

Another problem was with the word "Tales." Some readers were set to wonder by that word if the book was not a collection of yarns, or "tall tells." Since the stories are true, with the minor caveats explained at the beginning of the book, and are not made "taller"—at least not by intention, at least not by any mechanism beyond the very telling—the word "Tales" had to go.

Choosing a new title was a long and arduous affair. Many names came and went. I want to thank my friend Jim Ballard for coming up with the present Wanderlusting. I opted for this title because of its simplicity and because it says in one word what the book is about.

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Copyright © 2011 by Gary McWilliams
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